Friday, 12 March 2010

Currently Reading....

This is my "currently reading list". Can't believe I have so many books on the go at the same time. Lord of the Rings is a re - read. Tolkien is arguably the daddy of all fantasy literature and a return to LOR is an absolute must once a year.

Richard Laymon's "Beware" has been on my currently reading list for almost two years - I don't seem to be able to get through this one as it started to bore me and I can't seem to muster enough energy to pick it up again.

So this leaves us with five books, which I am really and truly reading at the moment. First up for review will be Marion Zimmer Bradley's "Darkover Landfall". I will choose a further title from the above list for review before the end of March.

Darkover Landfall (Darkover, Book 1) Darkover Landfall by Marion Zimmer Bradley

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