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Cover Art by George Barr, Maren,Tim White, Darrell K. Sweet et al.

An eclectic selection of sci-fi and fantasy artists have created the covers for Marion Zimmer Bradley's books and anthologies.

The below is a selection of cover art for MZB's publications. The photos are taken from the paperback hardcovers. The entire pictures are available here, featuring works by George Barr, Tim White, David A. Cherry, Richard Hescox and Maren, whose actual name is Mariano Pérez Clemente. 

Whereever possible information on the cover artist and edition has been included. Sadly, the cover art the for The Forest House (MZB's Avalon Series) remains uncredited in the edition by Michael Joseph.

George Barr, Darkover Landfall

Marion Zimmer Bradley: Darkover Landfall - 1972
Publisher: DAW Books, Inc.
This edition: 15th printing (first printing, December 1972)
Cover Art by George Barr
For a review of Darkover Landfall, please click here.

Tim White Snows of Darkover

Snows of Darkover
Edited by Marion Zimmer Bradley
Cover Art: Tim White 
Publisher: Daw, 1994

David A. Cherry, Marion Zimmer Bradley's Darkover (Anthology)

Marion Zimmer Bradley's Darkover
Anthology edited by MZB
Cover Art by: David A. Cherry

The Forest House by Marion Zimmer Bradley, publisher: Michael Joseph 

Dark Satanic, Cover art by Maren 

Dark Satanic by Marion Zimmer Bradley
A TOR Book
Published by Tom Doherty Associates, Inc., New York
Cover Art by Maren (real name: Mariano Pérez Clemente.) More here:
First edition: September 1988

The Fall of Atlantis, Darrell K Sweet

Marion Zimmer Bradley - The Fall of Atlantis - (1983)
Publisher: Bean
First Printing: 1987
Tenth Printing 2007
Originally published (in parts) as "Web of Light" and "Web of Darkness"
Cover Artist: Darrell K. Sweet
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