Thursday, 21 July 2011

Judge A Book By Its Cover

Most book lovers also have an appreciation for cover art and, personally, I always find myself strangely drawn to the book covers of fantasy and science fiction novels. I am aware that this may not be to everyone's taste, but I - for one - enjoy looking at it.

I recently found a number of flickr groups paying tribute to cover art and cover artists. Whilst some might not see the point of photographing the covers of the books on your shelf and sharing these images with others, in my humble opinion it is a jolly good idea.

By no means representative, but nevertheless a first impression of what is on offer over at Flickr, here is a selection of book covers featuring in the group "Hi - Res Science Fiction Book Covers":

Idol Hands - A Rosco Little Adventure20,000 Leagues Under The SeaThe Gods Hate KansasBreakfast Of ChampionsRobert A. Heinlein - The Star BeastOrphans Of The Sky
After Many A Summer Dies The SwanThe Gods ThemselvesThe Rest Of The RobotsRed PlanetThe Killer ThingThe First Men In The Moon
The Island Of Dr. MoreauRobert A. Heinlein - Red PlanetOrson Scott Card - TreasonRobert A. Heinlein - Have Space Suit, Will TravelRobert J. Sawyer - End of an Era (Back)Robert J. Sawyer - End of an Era
Peter F. Hamilton - The Temporal VoidDan Simmons - HyperionDan Simmons - The Rise of EndymionDan Simmons - The Fall of HyperionLarry Niven & Jerry Pournelle - FootfallLarry Niven - Ringworld's Throne
And this is an overview for the "Books of Fantasy"  group

Rothfuss, Patrick - The Wise Man's Fear (2011 HB)The Official Marvel Comics Try-Out 1984Far West Vol. 1Fentasy ArtLegendary Creatures of Myth and Magicel descubrimiento de las brujas
Erikson, Steven - Reaper's Gale (2009 PB)AD&D 1st Ed. Oriental AdventuresBarry Windsor Smith Archives Conan Volume 1La historiadoraEl secreto de la isla de las ballenasA Matter of Magic by Patricia C. Wrede
Just a few books . . . .Warding of the Witch World by Andre NortonImperial Lady by Andre Norton and Susan ShwartzFlight of Vengance by PM Griffin and Mary SchaulbThe Duke's Ballad by Andre Norton and Lyn McConchieAtlanis End Game by Andre Norton and Sherwood Smith
Ciara's Song  by Andre Norton  and Lyn McConchieDare to Go A Hunting by Andre NortonThud! by Terry PratchettThe Magestone by Andre Norton and Mary SchaubChildhood Favorites & TeaErikson, Steven - The Bonehunters (2008 PB)
Books of Fantasy, a group on Flickr.

These groups are just a taster for what is on offer - the perfect destination for an afternoon's browsing and to gather inspiration for your to - read - list.

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