Sunday, 30 October 2011

A Rare Find - Stephen King Lecture at the University of Dayton (Ohio)

Aimless browsing on the web can sometimes uncover hidden treasures. The other day I came across a real gem for all Stephen King fans: A lecture by Stephen King at the University of Dayton (Ohio) from the deepest, darkest 1980s.

The complete talk is broken up into eight parts, includes a Q and A session at the end and, as a special treat, King reads his short story The Reach, which was later published in the short story collection Skeleton Crew (1985).

Being a Stephen King fan nerd, I enjoyed this immensely. Even though the quality of the video seems pretty poor at first sight, don't be put off. Picture and sound are surprisingly clear, once you have hit the play button.

As a "historical document", this is a must for every King fan - not just because of Mr King's caveman beard and the mid - lecture cigarette (those were the days...). As usual, uncle Stevie is hilariously funny and provides a considerable amount of insight into his writing process, especially when talking about the background and development of his novel Pet Sematary at the very end of the lecture.

This relic certainly deserves more than six thousand views on Youtube:

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